Sunday, December 04, 2016

Talk Talk: Today

Another choice inspired by the repeats of Top of the Pops from 1982.

This still sounds good, and has a very early-1980s sound and even a meaningful video - though it's hard to say quite what it means.

Later Talk Talk dropped their synthesiser player and changed their musical style, even having Steve Winwood play Hammond organ on a couple of album tracks.

A Guardian piece on them by Graeme Thomson from 2012 said:
Confusing, mysterious, beautiful and – at least until recently – largely overlooked, Talk Talk's journey from early 80s synth-pop to late 80s post-rock has resulted in a diffuse and tangled legacy. 
Tracing the line from perky hit singles such as Today, Talk Talk, It's My Life and Life's What You Make It to their final albums, 1988's Spirit of Eden and 1991's Laughing Stock, is to discover that a clearly defined path has gradually disappeared into a thicket of brambles and honeysuckle.
But he also said:
It's taken two decades, but their music has started permeating the wider culture.

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Tim (Kalyr) said...

Spirit of Eden is a masterpiece, but one thing it's not is a pop record.