Sunday, December 18, 2016

Bridgnorth in 1960 and today

Bridgnorth has just beaten Market Harborough to win the Large Market Town category in this year's Great British High Street Awards.

I am not one to bear a grudge. even if Bridgnorth  has never struck me as a great place for shopping

Its setting above the Severn is stunning, as are parts of its townscape - the surroundings of the two churches in particular - and more places should have a cliff railway.

To celebrate Bridgnorth's victory, here is film of the town in 1960 intercut with the same scenes from 2015. Note how much more industrial the banks of the river used to be.

Click on the still above to view the film on Youtube.


Gawain said...

I am sure Market Harborough is lovely, but does it have a wine merchant as good as Tanners?

Jonathan Calder said...

Oh yes.