Sunday, December 18, 2016

Why I knew Ed Balls would be redeemed

Ed Balls' weekly displays of high-class dad dancing have won him redemption. No longer a discredited, defeated politician he is now a loved celebrity.

What will he do next? He could use this new public affection to restart his political career. Or he may choose to spend his time travelling round Britain on trains and making programmes about it.

Some will have been surprised by this rebirth. But I find that I forecast it long before Balls' fall.

For in May 2009 I wrote:
Yet Ed Balls has a heart and may yet be redeemed. For, asked about his childhood reading by the Wakefield Express a couple of years ago, he remembered: 
a great series of kids' detective books by Malcolm Saville called the Lone Pine Adventures, which were all set in the Shropshire hills.
It seems I was right to assume that no one who grew up on Malcolm Saville can be all bad.

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