Friday, December 02, 2016

David Mackintosh MP under new pressure in Northampton South

I have covered the saga of David Mackintosh (Conservative MP for Northampton South and former leader of the Borough Council) and the town's Sixfields Stadium before.

See these posts from November 2015 and July of this year.

Now comes news that, in the worlds of the Northampton Chronicle & Echo:
Executive committee members of Northampton South Conservative Association say MP David Mackintosh’s role in the bungled Sixfields loan deal and his “refusal to accept criticism” has damaged the reputation of the local party.
Tonight the executive committee of the association is debating this motion:
“The Executive Committee meeting expresses its disappointment and its concerns over the conduct of...David Mackintosh in respect to the loan made whilst Leader of Northampton Borough Council to Northampton Town Football Club and to Mr Mackintosh’s refusal to accept criticism of his conduct contained in the PwC report.”
The paper says Mr Mackintosh has issued a short statement saying: "I am happy to answer any questions the local party might have about the loan."

Yesterday, it also printed the forceful front page you see above.

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