Thursday, January 12, 2006

Another disorganised leader?

This morning Tim Farron, Simon Hughes' campaign manager, told The Times:

“Simon has tremendous appeal. He is a bit like a flair footballer who needs good management.”
It's natural that Tim should want to talk up his own role, but we have just lived through several years with a leader who had to be "managed".

What we want now is one who can lead. We want a Frank Lampard not a Joe Cole.


Anonymous said...

More of a Shaun Wright-Phillips having spent so long on the bench. Or a Robbie Fowler...?

Radders said...

Presumably wanting the player to come from his long term injury to fire home a hatrick against a lower division side infront his home fans. (R Fowler).
These football and chess analogies can go too far...

Anonymous said...

As a Saints fan, I would frankly be delighted with either a Lampard or a Cole before the transfer window ends.

But seriously, your point is badly made. All leaders are managed to some extent. Simon's rumoured flaws, such as they are, are those of bad organisation. If that was going to stop someone being effective Shirley "Sorry I'm late" Williams would never have made a cabinet minister.

Many CEOs I know are hopeless disorganised. They are also inspirational people with the ability to sell a vision. That's why Simon is the right choice for us.