Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chris Huhne's supporters

Chris Huhne's people have posted the first list of supporters on his campaign website.

Writing this evening, they claim almost twice as many published supporters as any other candidate.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan - that link doesn't work - you want this one I think.

Jonathan Calder said...

sorted, thanks.

Anonymous said...

In a feeble attempt to prove them wrong I just counted their list and the one on Simon's site ... and ... bugger ... they're right!

A lot of well known activists there too - and not all from the South East.

Angus J Huck said...

There is a bias towards Hampshire, however, as we would expect.

I note that Keith House (an Eastleigh councillor) is on the list, even though he ran Simon's campaign in 1999.

In the end, it isn't support among activists that counts. It's public name recognition.

Rememebr 1999? Malcolm Bruce, who had few declared backers, did better than Jackie Ballard, who had piles of them.