Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A gentle tour of the blogs

Mary Reid remembers Tony Banks and shows that I am not the only Lib Dem blogger who went to York University.

Jane Leaper visits Ludlow and shows that I am not the only Lib Dem blogger with a love of South Shropshire.

And Susanne Lamido proves she is the only Lib Dem blogger with the dash to post this on her own blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jonathan. When were you there?

Jonathan Calder said...

1978-81 - Goodricke

Anonymous said...

Ah!....Goodricke didn't even exist when I was there. In fact nothing existed except an Elizabethan mansion and a swamp. And the peacocks - too noisy and soon replaced with ducks.

Anonymous said...


James College. Not that I'd expect either of you two to know it :)

Funny seeing more York types coming out of the woodwork. Paul Holmes seems to have started an avalanche.

Was there a liberal student association in York back in the old days?