Sunday, January 08, 2006

BritBlog Roundup

Tim Worstall's latest selection has been posted. He writes:
Liberal England ascribes Maggie’s electoral victories to her cancelling o school milk. Thinking abck he might actually be right.
Whatever his keyboard has been drinking, it is not milk.


Anonymous said...

Is your increasing readership already turning your head? Both your links above appear to be to your own entry...

Jonathan Calder said...

No, it was just incompetence.

Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Would be very useful in your weekly notification if you could list out the other Lib Dem blogs that get mentioned in the weekly roundups. I have not got the time to go through them one by one and I’m only really interested in what party members have to say. I am new to blogging and don’t know who is who yet (about to start my own). Can you edit your posting for this week.

You don’t have to like them particularly but support from you would go along way in encouraging others to start blogging. The party in keen to get Lib Dems blogging but it takes courage. As one of the best known party writers I am sure a mention from you would be welcome. Perhaps you could post a comment on their blogs. It would be a real moral booster

Who nominates the blogs anyway?

Any thought on compiling a list of all the blogs that have been listed and the number of times during 2005. It would be useful to look at styles of writing to know what attracts readership.

Jonathan Calder said...

If you are interested only in Lib Dem blogs, try Lib Dem Blogs Aggregated or the new Liberal Review.