Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The respect agenda reaches Shropshire

Well, Herefordshire actually.

The Shropshire Star reports:

A 64-year-old great-grandad from Shropshire was ordered to remove his trilby in a local pub after the landlord said he could be mistaken for a “hoodie”.

Colin Osborne, of All Stretton, was drinking in The Monument pub, in Hereford, when he was told that he would not be served unless he removed his trilby.

Mr Osborne, who has worn trilby hats for 20 years, complained but was warned he would not be served unless he removed the trilby, which was hiding his face from CCTV cameras.

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David said...

Radio 4 interviewed a Shrewsbury hatter who expressed his surprise that the gentleman wanted to keep his hat on indoors. Perhaps he was raising a point of order during a vote.