Thursday, January 19, 2006

My brother Esau is an hairy man

The Oxford Mail has a photograph of Chris Huhne taking part in a student demonstration in 1973.

And very 1973 he looks too. This was the year when Ming Campbell still held the British 100 metres record and Simon Hughes was presumably following Iron Maiden around the country.

Found via Recess "Cheeky" Monkey and Antonia's blog.


Angus J Huck said...

"Iron Maiden" didn't exist in 1973. In fact, its lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, was 14 at the time.

Bruce was a near contemporary of mine at Queen Mary College, University of London (he enrolled there in 1977). He only became seriously involved in the music business in 1978, after he failed to make an impact in student politics (he was in the FCS, had ambitions to join the Army and aspired to be a Tory MP). His first band was called "Rear Entry", if I remember rightly.

I don't like his music, but I cannot deny his tenacity. (Most thought he would get nowhere. I was not so sure.)

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks Angus.

I did wonder about that. It means that the newspaper stories about Simon Hughes spending the 1970s following Iron Maiden have grown a lot in the telling.

Tristan said...

Iron Maiden started in 1975 just playing pubs and things.
Bruce wasn't even on the first album, he joined when they sacked their original lead singer for being too drunk and violent...

So, he could have followed them for the latter part of the 70s I suppose...