Monday, January 16, 2006

That Sky News debate in full

I don't have Sky. No doubt I could have improvised something with a wok and a wire coathanger, but instead I prefer to rely on my fellow Lib Dem bloggers.

Stephen Glenn gives a full account of the proceedings and Will Howells scores it as follows:
There was no clear winner in the debate, and subtle policy differences only between the candidates. Campbell held his ground, although dodged a question on private involvement in the NHS. Given that Huhne should, by conventional wisdom, have been miles behind the other three and gave a strong performance, he was the candidate with whom I was most impressed.
Later. Quaequam Blog! has an account too.


Anonymous said...

It was pretty obvious from the Sky debate that if we Lib Dems are serious about getting into power, or holding the balance of power in a hung Parliament, Mark Oaten is the only candidate to choose.

Impressions: Ming -- looking old/ unwell (suffering from face droop); Huhne -- no experience, sounds more like a Green candidate than a pragmatic politician; Hughes -- yesterday's lefty.

Best hair -- Huhne, I must admit.

We need to take Tory seats; Mark is the only man who can do it. If Huhne became leader, backlash against his tax plans would lose him his seat -- we'd be the laughing stock of the political classes.

Jonathan Calder said...

You are Mark Oaten's mother and I claim my £10.

Stephen Glenn said...

Well that more or less means no more advancement for us here in Scotland!!!

Anonymous are you saying we Scots should only have one target seat then. Dumfrieshire, Clydesdale and Tweedale here we come.

Anonymous said...

My apologies for careless wording. I said "need to take Tory seats"; what I should have said was "need to take seats with disillusioned non-voting would-have-been Tories." Which might be Labour seats at the moment. Eg. where I now live. Hornsey was a Tory seat ever since it was created in the 19th c. until the boundaries were slightly redrawn (Hornsey & Wood Green) and Barbara Roche got in. Now Lynne. If you are a libertarian conservative and want to vote for a party that is against ID cards, there is only one party to vote for -- the party of Mark Oaten.

Anonymous said...

You can get Sky News on Freeview Jonathan.

Jonathan Calder said...

But you need a wok or cable to get Freeview here.