Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Chris Huhne campaign videos

Chris Huhne's website says:

Chris has recorded the following videos to give a better idea, in his own words, of why he is standing as a candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats.

Covering a whole range of topics, from reasons for standing to environmentalism, his wide ranging experience, ability to win and radicalism, the videos give a new insight into Chris as a strong candidate as leader of the Party.

As the most radical candidate in the contest for the leadership of the Lib Dems, Chris and his team like to be to the forefront of new technology too. The following videos have been set up to be accessible for people to view (using Flash technology available in around 98% of modern browsers), and also offer a Blogvidcast option - if you have a blog, you can add the video simply by cutting and pasting the supplied code into the html of your post.

Equally, if you know your technical limitations you can just provide a link to the page on the Huhne site where these videos can be found.

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