Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Susan Kramer should have stayed in bed

I cannot understand what Susan Kramer thinks would be achieved by Charles Kennedy subjecting himself to a new leadership ballot. She called on him to do so on the Today programme this morning.

It is clear that Kennedy has lost the confidence of a significant portion of the parliamentary party, whether because of his failure to give his leadership clear strategic direction or for more personal reasons. It is equally clear that the wider membership still feels happy with him.

Therefore it is entirely possible that Kennedy would win a new leadership election. Why should the parliamentary party feel any different about him if he did? He would return to the office without the underlying problem (whatever it is) having been solved.

So Susan would have been better off having a lie in with Whittington this morning.

The MPs who want to get rid of Kennedy are going to have to say so openly and soon. The longer the current stand off continues, the worse the party appears.

And those with leadership ambitions of their own should reflect that none of them has emerged from the past month with his reputation enhanced.


cymrumark said...

Is there a website dedicated to persuading Lord Bonkers to answers his party's and indeed his countries call?

In these dark times normal political differences could be set aside to allow us all to rally to the Bonkers Flag....

failing that we might have to seek medication at the prospect of Ming the merciless or mark oaten the only slightly less merciless...

Can anyone suggest suitable medicine to avoid death by gloating or general hilarity...?

Matthew of Sunny Swindon said...

It was only a decade ago that John Major subjected himself to a challenge to his leadership through a self-indulgent beauty contest of Tory MPs which resulted in him limping to success, It did not calm the baying wolves around him who wanted him gone. His leadership of the Tories never recovered – and sadly I don’t think Charles would recover either if he subjected himself to a re-election challenge due to a few noisy MPs.

When Charles has had enough, he will step down.

I don't think a new Leader who wins through treachery via a challenged membership ballot would survive long... do we really want our party to return to fifty years in the wilderness? Lets wait till after the May 2006 local elections before the doom-slayers draw blood… I have a feeling we will do well in the pending elections, but only if we remain united behind Charles.

Suz said...

Susan Kramer is only taking the sensible approach, the party has "lost control" of the leadership issue, and it does need to be resolved before the May local elections.

She is aware that as CK's former press sec Daisy McAndrew has joined ITN and all his personal secrets are out. Something drastic has to be done.