Monday, January 09, 2006

Gary Lineker ate my c.v.

Sad news from Market Harborough: Golden Wonder has gone into administration.

The crisp and snack manufacturer has its head office here. Indeed I worked for them in the 1980s. Some market analysts believe the company has never recovered.

At one time Golden Wonder was the best known crisp company in Britain. Traditionally the snacks were sold to drinking men in pubs and clubs, but they pioneered selling to housewives through supermarkets.

When I worked there Golden Wonder was still one of the largest employers in town, but it has been in decline for a long time. One by one the crown jewels were sold off - Pot Noodles went in 1995 and Wotsits went to Walker's in 2002. Indeed it is the inexorable rise of Walker's that has done for them.

You can read about the company's history on its own website, at least for now. If that fails, there is always Wikipedia.

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