Thursday, January 05, 2006

Disgruntled Lib Dem Front Benchers XI

The Times and a bit of informed gossip suggest that the eleven Lib Dems MPs who signed the letter of no confidence in Charles Kennedy were:

Vince Cable (Captain)
Norman Baker
Ed Davey
Andrew George
Sandra Gidley
Chris Huhne
Norman Lamb
David Laws
Michael Moore
Sarah Teather
John Thurso

Lord Bonkers writes: Not a bad side, though the tail looks a little long for comfort and we may regret the absence of a second spinner.


Peter Pigeon said...

Enough spin, not enough pace if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Time for Ming to be merciless?

Nick said...

Like Shane Warne mixed with Devon Malcolm - can spin it a hell of a lot, but have no idea where it's going to end up.

AndyB said...

Off the cricket, it looks like a right-wing (or at least Orange Book) coup for the control of the party. I blogged about it here, suggesting that this group, unrepresentative of the beard and sandals membership, is seeking to seize control of the party infrastructure, putting the membership is a position of 'shut up, or ship out'.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't have thought of Norman Baker or Andrew George as being particularly in the Orange Book camp myself...

AndyB said...

Not all the signatories are 'Orange Book', but the revolt of the neo-liberals has forced Kennedy into his now untenable position, drawing less ideological support for his resignition.

Paul Leake said...

Who's the first specialist spinner, most them seem a little 'Ian Salisbury' in that respect? Selecting a wicketkeeper would be tricky - Thurso clearly has the moustache for it, but are there some safer pairs of hands?