Friday, January 27, 2006

Gentlemen of the Press

In recent days Liberal England has enjoyed a lot of visits from journalists in search of Lib Dem gossip and scandal. Today they included two of those nice people at News International.

One had searched on Google for "huhne & oxford & radical" and arrived at this posting, which does no more than refer you to a photograph everyone has already seen.

The other charmingly searched for "elephant castle toilets simon hughes" and arrived at my archive for December 2005. That was largely because of this sentence:
The hero is a millionaire who exercises one-elephant rule over a gigantic, moated castle called Homeward.
I hope he or she was satisfied.

Later. This weak story was the best the Sun could come up with.

1 comment:

Stephen Glenn said...

You been seen the same gentleman callers as me then Joanthan. ;-)

However, I'm sure if members of the Fourth estate count as gentlemen or not these day. Is that not being a little presumptive of us.