Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's raining on Ming's coronation

Scotland on Sunday has an article on the tensions within the Menzies Campbell camp:
"He's gone really, really strange in the last 10 days," a long-term associate told Scotland on Sunday. "He used to just be himself and know what to do, now he's surrounded by all these advisers telling him what to say and think." Those advisers take in representatives of the next generation, including Matthew Taylor and David Laws, and even more youthful MPs such as Nick Clegg and Sarah Teather - a coterie who lobbied hard behind the scenes for Kennedy's resignation last week.
It also tells you who suggested he ask that question about schools without heads last Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Pretty low to blame Littlewood for suggesting the question. It's the politicians that choose whether to ask them, or not, and in what way.

Hardly likely to enthuse party staff with that approach.

Peter Pigeon said...

Rawnsley had the better article.

Iain Sharpe said...

I am told that it was Ming himself who was determined to ask the question about schools lacking heads. It wasn't his advisors' doing.

I'm not saying that this is correct, just that it is so rare that I am favoured with insider gossip that I don't want to miss this chance to show off!

Anonymous said...

To be fair, Mark Littlewood has privately denied that the question was his suggestion, so there is a fair chance that he's being set up as the fall guy here.