Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ernest Millington has died aged 93

When a lot of people arrive on this blog after searching for a particular name it usually means one of two things: either they have just appeared on television or they have died.

Unfortunately, in the case of Ernest Millington, the latter explanation turns out to be the correct one. He has died at the age of 93.

Millington was the last surviving MP who had sat before the 1945 general election. He won Chelmsford for Common Wealth in a wartime by-election and held it from them in 1945. He subsequently joined Labour, but lost his seat to the Tories at the 1950 general election.

According to his Daily Telegraph obituary, by the time of his death Millington held the record for the longest time lived after leaving the Commons.

I mentioned Millington a few weeks ago in an article about the Association of Former Members of Parliament and linked to an article about him.

It appears there are now three MPs from the 1945 Parliament - Michael Foot, John Freeman and Francis Noel-Baker - still with us.

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SDW said...

Michael Foot also contested a seat in the 1935 general election(Monmouth), before eventually winning his first seat in 1945.

Surely this is another record, and there isn't anyone out there who ran for parliament in 1935 or before?

This is one for the anoraks!