Saturday, May 16, 2009

Keith Vaz and the Leicester Mercury

It is not just the national press that is making hay with the MPs' expenses story. Regional and local papers are running with it too.

Keith Vaz is MP for Leicester East and here is his local paper in pursuit of him:
Normally, if you’re looking to doorstep a politician you ride out to their home and knock on their door. 
With Keith “three homes” Vaz, however, it’s hard to know which doorstep you should chose. 
Should it be the Leicester one, the modest semi-detached on Uppingham Road where he told the BBC this week that he lives? Or the more extravagant residence in Stanmore, north west London, the £1.5 million home about 15 miles away from his place of work? 
Or the Westminster pad which he needs, he says, for those early morning meetings?

Even where their is no impropriety involved, MPs will not enjoy having their affluent lifestyles laid bare in this fashion.


leicester mockery said...

Vaz has NEVER lived at Uppingham Road. It is a party office and nothing more. This man is as oily, slippery and frankly a bare faced liar.

There's much more to 'come out' about Vaz yet. The constant meddling in local affairs, love of dodgy favours for wealthy businessmen, the 42 day detention fiasco (where Vaz was bought off), the mismatch between ambition and ability.

The man is poison.

Anonymous said...

Enough is enough, people should leave Mr. Vaz alone and let him get on with his job. People forget good things he has done over the years. There must be someone in the parliament who is responsible for authorising expenses for all MP's and its that person who should be punished. People have been jealous of Mr. Vaz for years.