Friday, May 15, 2009

Peter Oborne: Vince Cable for prime minister

Peter Oborne writes in tomorrow's Daily Mail:

So what should we do? One part of the answer is to cherish those politicians who really are honest and decent. It is important that this number includes David Cameron.

Top of the list, however, is the wonderful Lib Dem Treasury spokesman Vince Cable, who claimed next to nothing in allowances, bought no flats, stole no taxpayers' money and made the daily Tube journey from his home in Twickenham to Westminster. (And, of course, he got it dead right on the economy.) How we need him as our prime minister!

What a wise commentator the man is!


dreamingspire said...

With there being talk of maybe there will have to be a Lab/LD coalition after the next election, why not start now and give Vince the job? Outstandingly better than the suggestion of Jack Straw in a comment on Liberal Conspiracy, and definitely better than the other suggestions over there of Charles Clarke or Alan Johnson.

crewegwyn said...

When did they extend the "tube" to Twickenham?