Monday, May 18, 2009

Tory PPC in four-letter word blog shock

Next week's Diary will be written by Richard Graham, PPC for Gloucester

says Conservative Home.

It should make interesting reading, because Richard Graham has run into a spot of bother.

The BBC says:

A local Conservative Party association has apologised after its candidate for the next general election was accused of insulting the sitting Labour MP.

Writing on his blog, Richard Graham, Tory candidate for Gloucester, appeared to use a four-letter expletive about his opponent over the expenses row.

Local MP Parmjit Dhanda has written to David Cameron asking for an apology for such "disreputable behaviour".

The Tories said it had been a "genuine" but "unacceptable" typographical error.

For once, the Google cache lets us down. But Labour Home gives a pretty good idea what the word was.


Paul Walter said...

Ah! How wonderful. A bit of much needed publicity for the Berkshire Hunt.

Gareth Aubrey said...

Ah, Richard Graham, one of the shining wits of the A-List (seriously, no contest is a better example of how badly the A-List worked as Richard Graham vs. Parmjit Dhanda...)