Monday, May 18, 2009

Snailbeach District Railway waggon returns to Shropshire

From the Shropshire Mines Trust website:
50 years after the Snailbeach District Railway closed, a SDR hopper waggon has returned to the Locomotive Shed. When the line closed in 1959, all of the rolling stock was sold off and two of the hopper wagons ended up at the Talyllyn Railway.
A few years ago, the railway contacted our member Peter Sheldrake and asked if we wanted the remains of these waggons. Arrangements were made to collect them and bring them back home but all that remained were the bases and axles. During last winter, member Barry Ellis lovingly restored one of them to its original condition.
It was delivered back on Good Friday 2009 and will be pushed out for visitors to see when the Visitor Centre is open.
I had better emphasise that the Trust has nothing to do with the peculiar people (who all shared the same IP address) who left comments on this post.


The Colonel said...

Great to see some genuine no-nonsense preservation progress over in Salop. I note the other potty people/person still won't give up though. I still await the new book and believe that Eric Tonks would be spinning in his grave at the twaddle of late.

Well done Shropshire Mines Trust!

Adrian Pearce said...

Link re waggon changed to

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks, I have changed the link.