Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Times names man who sold MPs' expense returns to Daily Telegraph

The Sunday Times says:

A former SAS major who supports the Conservative party has been named as the middleman in the ring that sold details of MPs’ expenses to The Daily Telegraph for tens of thousands of pounds.

John Wick, 60, who runs a corporate intelligence company in the City of London, is known to have approached newspapers on behalf of the people who obtained the data.

Until a year ago he was a member of the Carlton club, which allows only supporters of the Conservative party to join.

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Anonymous said...

I predict that the current boom in intelligence staffing due to the 'war on terror' will create more stories like this in the future- it is bound to happen when professional intelligence officers start working in the private sector which pays much much better.

Corporate intelligence- aka stealing company secrets and selling them to the highest bidder and competitors. All of these private risk assesment/ corporate intelligence companies should be scrutinised and regulated many are breaking the law.