Saturday, May 16, 2009

Market Harborough Congregational Church

Having bought a digital camera I thought I would have a go at setting myself up as a poor man's Unmitigated England or English Buildings.

This is Market Harborough Congregational Church, to be found at top of the High Street. I used to have a copy of John Betjeman's First and Last Loves, which contains a drawing he made of the building.

The red brick building behind the chapel that you can glimpse on the left of the photograph is the Jubilee Hall. It was the polling station and the scene of the count when I captured Market Harborough North from the Tories in 1986.

I have also been to bookfairs and an East Midlands Lib Dems conference there.


Niles said...

Should you maybe aim less high and set yourself up as an "Unmitigated Salop" or a "Rutland Buildings" ?

Philip Wilkinson said...

I'm a great admirer of this building and would have put it on the English Buildings blog (thanks for your contubnied interest in the blog, by the way) but the only photograph I have of the chapel is a terrible one taken on my mobile phone in the rain. The drawing in Betjeman's First and Last Loves, one of several of nonconformist chapels in the book, is by John Piper, a marvellous artist whose appetite for church-crawling was even greater than Betjeman's.

Philip Wilkinson said...

Sorry that should have been 'continued' interest!

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks for that.

First and Last Loves was almost the first grown-up book I bought myself. I hope I still have it somewhere.