Monday, October 31, 2011

Beauty the kitten found alive!

Great news from the Birmingham Post:
Beauty the cat has been found alive and well, and appears to have been living happily in Sparkhill for the past year.
Not only that: she appears to have become a mother.

When a kitten herself, Beauty was at the centre of a catnapping row involving John Hemming MP, his wife and mistress. It ended in a recent court case and a suspended sentence.

Anyway, John, the Lib Dem MP for Birmingham Yardley, told the Post:
"I went to see the cat last night and indeed it was Beauty. We, however, think that she is feeding kittens at the moment so she has been returned to the lady who had kindly looked after her for a year so that we can try to track down the kittens."
And in a true feline touch:
"It seems that Beauty has been looked after by two households at the same time."

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