Monday, October 31, 2011

Six of the Best 197

Lynne Featherstone remembers Sir Simon Milton.

Paul Tyler has argued that pressure groups should be subject to scrutiny too. Eaten by Missionaries agrees with him.

"I just received this email about a school in Devon undergoing building works: 'Our two boys attend a grammar school in Devon ... where they were told in assembly that with the construction of a new block they were not to speak to any builder, and that no builder must speak to them or he will face dismissal. How can we possibly hope to build any kind of better (or 'big') society with such an frightening lack of trust, not to mention courtesy? The school's instructions sound like something out of a 1950s sci-fi nightmare.'" A depressing tale from Josie Appleton's blog for the Manifesto Club. reports the latest appearance of Alan Rusbridger, Ian Hislop and other editors before Westminster's joint committee on privacy and injunctions.

Did you know that a Spanish Republican merchant ship was was fired on and sunk by a Francoist gunboat off the Norfolk coast near Cromer? Hayes Peoples History has the story: "After landing at Cromer, the crew made their way to Lowestoft and then on the East Anglia express to Liverpool Street, London. On reaching their destination huge cheering crowds gathered to welcome them and show support for the Republican cause."

Did you know that Alan Garner's Elidor was first written as a radio play? Roger Howe on the Diversity Website has the story.

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