Sunday, October 09, 2011

Six of the Best 192

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Association needs our help in opposing the plans Tower Hamlets Council to allow City bankers to hold parties in the memorial gardens for the merchant seamen who died in two world wars.

Predicatable Paradox attends the Scottish Lib Dem Conference in Dunfermline.

"Now apart from the logistical problems of trying to get a six year old to safely transport soup to school, one wonders if those at the Schools Food Trust have actually tried to feed said child cous cous, chickpeas or wholegrain crackers?" Living on Words Alone tells the School Food Trust where it can stick its lunchbox.

Labour is renewing its attack on civil liberties, reports Political Valley.

"Several clergymen called in the afternoon, and they had scarcely left when a most distressing scene occurred. Two girls of twelve or thirteen years of age quarrelled, as it would appear, about a remark which one of the clergymen had made concerning a new frock which one of them wore. The first notice I had of this was to see the pair boxing most viciously: before I could get at them, they had hold of each other's hair, and were yelling most fearfully: they fought like furies." Read extracts from the diary of a master of a London Ragged School on The Cat's Meat Shop.

Bazzfazz goes to an exhibition of the work of the poster art of Edward McKnight Kauffer at the Estorick Collection in Islington.

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