Friday, October 14, 2011

Six of the Best 193

"That the British Defence Minister holds frequent unrecorded meetings in the Ministry and abroad with somebody promoting the interests of foreign powers is much, much worse than a little cash-grubbing." Craig Murray looks at Liam Fox and Adam Werritty.

"Don’t let’s pretend that it is really such a mystery why such modern institutions, targeted and standardised to within an inch of their lives, have become so inhumane," argues David Boyle on The Real Blog.

Caron's Musings writes this blog a memo on the subject of Tim Farron.

Is a battle for Stamford Bridge about to begin? asks twohundredpercent.

Spitalfields Life looks at Richard Jefferies in the City of London: " Whenever I feel lost in the metropolis, his writing is always a consolation, granting a liberating perspective upon the all-compassing turmoil of urban life and, in spite of the changes in the city, his observations resonate as powerfully today as they did when he wrote them."

"'Gone to Earth' is positioned here as an archetype of the 'film as safari' genre, a glimpse of rare, exotic lands," says Cinespect. Those rare, exotic lands are the Shropshire hills and this Powell and Pressburger films has been showing as part of a season at the 92Y in New York.

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