Monday, October 10, 2011

Mystic Calder forecast last year that Liam Fox would be the next cabinet minister to resign

Here is an extract from a post that I wrote in August of last year discussing tensions in the Coalition cabinet:
I also suspect that the differences within the two Coalition parties, Conservatives as well as Liberal Democrats, will ultimately prove more significant than the differences between the parties. So my own tip for the first resignation would be a Tory right-winger like Liam Fox.
It should have been "next resignation" rather than "first resignation", as David Laws had already come and gone, but this post is looking spookily accurate this morning.


Jon said...

Liam Fox strikes me more as the "mistakes were made, and lessons have been learnt" kind of politician; I'm not holding my breath for a resignation.

dreamingspire said...

And a man who was clearly covering up something.