Friday, October 21, 2011

The Wem town hall ghost catches Rupert Matthews out

It is time to draw Rupert Matthews week to a close here on Liberal England. We have, among other things, seen him teaching for the International Metaphysical University and expressing his fears that EU Panzers will invade Britain.

But how much does he know about the paranormal?

Go to Matthews' blog The GhostHunter and you will find a post from February of this year about Wem in Shropshire:
And then on 19 November 1995 the new town hall, by then over three centuries old, went up in flames. Those who gathered to watch the fire were certain that they saw the figure of Jane Churm standing on the stairs as they vanished in the smoke. One local man took a photo which clearly showed the girl standing apparently indifferent to the destruction wrought around her.
It is an intriguing photograph - so much so that I had already written about it myself in June 2005.

But in May 2010 I wrote a second post about the photograph because it had been clearly shown that the photo was a fake.

It is clear that Matthews simply cut and pasted the blog article from his book Haunted Places of Shropshire. But shouldn't a lecturer with the International Metaphysical University be aware of the latest developments in his field?


Simon said...

Doesn't this just prove that the ghost of Jane Churm not only haunts the town hall she once set on fire, but also the old sweet shop where she lifted a stick of chewing gum on her way back from school?

Being a ghost can be pretty hard work if you leave too much unfinished business lying around the place!

Anonymous said...

Rupert has written a book about being a candidate, with pearls of wisdom like this: "We are all human, we all need to go to the toilet. As a candidate you never know when you are going to see a toilet again. So always go to the toilet at every possible opportunity, preferably when you are just about to leave a venue."

Apparently he is recognised by ‘friends and foes alike as one of the most dynamic and innovative political campaign managers in the business! wow.