Sunday, October 23, 2011

Edmundo Ros: I didn't know he was still alive until he died

Yesterday Stephen Williams, the Lib Dem MP for Bristol West, marked the death of Edmundo Ros. It is always good to see that an MP has a hinterland, as Denis Healey once termed it.

And, as I have often discussed with Disgruntled Radical, it is sad when you do not realise that someone is still been alive until you hear of their death - if you see what I mean.

To counter this, The Oldie has a feature called "Still With Us", which carries profiles of people you might think are dead but are not. Until the other day, Edmundo Ros would have been a good subject.

As ever, the Daily Telegraph has the best obituary.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for reading it...and yes, I didn't know he was still alive until his death at age 100.