Sunday, October 23, 2011

XTC meets Richard Jefferies

From The Old House at Coate website:
An idea has been put forward by Barry Andrews, of Swindon-grown band XTC, to create an installation which, through sound, music and large computer-generated moving images, evokes the atmosphere of Jefferies' post-apocalyptic book, After London. Fragments of Jefferies' text will be sampled and played as part of the soundtrack, with the installation joining a long tradition of meditations upon devestated landscapes. 
Barry, with co-band member, Andy Partridge, believe that this unique attempt to highlight Jefferies' work and the use of digital modern technology will make the stranger aspects of this visionary writer more accesible to a modern audience.

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Anonymous said...

So many museums and galleries have been killed stone dead with 'installations' designed to bring in the morons.

I've never had a chance to see the Jefferies museum. Looks like it'll have been thoroughly spoilt before I get there