Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tory MEP Roger Helmer stands down... to be replaced by expert on alien abductions

Yesterday Guido Fawkes broke the news that the Tory MEP Roger Helmer is to resign from the European Parliament, in part because of his "increasing disillusion with the attitudes of the Conservative Party".

There is more about his resignation in today's Leicester Mercury, including some delicately worded tributes from other local politicians. Louise Mensch, the Conservative MP for Corby, was less inhibited - as you can see from the tweet above.

Helmer is to be replaced at Brussels by one Rupert Matthews. And what an interesting fellow he turns out to be.

Hynd's Blog tells us:
The front page of his website (with pictures of knights and all) gives us a few clues that something aint quite right. Then we have his two personal blogs – The Ghost Hunter and – The History Man. A quick glance at these blogs and alarm bells start to ring. 
His published titles include, “‘UFOs: A History of Alien Activity from Sightings to Abductions to Global Threat’, ‘Roswell: Uncovering the Secrets of Area 51 and the Fatal UFO Crash’, ‘Alien Encounters: True-Life Encounters with Aliens and Other Extra-Terrestrial Phenomenon’, ‘Bigfoot and Other Mysterious Creatures”. It would appear, the Conservatives in their never ending quest for comedy have managed to find a man slightly more delusional and odd man than Roger Helmer.
And New Europe tells us there is more:
Mathews is also on the faculty of the International Metaphysical University Graduate College, an online university where the incoming deputy specializes in teaching a course, ‘Understanding our Paranormal Universe’ and a member of the Institute for Psychical Research. He says he has been investigating the paranormal for 20 years and possesses a “real insight on living with the paranormal”.
Well, I am all in favour of eccentricity and Mr Matthews promises to be someone to watch.

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Dan Falchikov said...

I wish Rupert Matthews's political views were as benign and eccentric.