Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mike Hancock resigns from the Cabinet

It is not in the class of their reconviction of Amanda Knox (complete with descriptions of the scene in court and quotes from those involved) but the Daily Mail dropped another clanger on Twitter today.

Mike Hancock did not step down from the Cabinet but from the Commons defence select committee. He has never been anywhere near the Cabinet.

Although I am a loyal Liberal Democrat, I can't help thinking that is rather a good thing.


pedantgwyn said...

Is he not a member of the Portsmouth City Council cabinet?

David said...

The real question in my mind is that if the girl really is a spy (and Simon McGrath has decided she is)why on earth would the Russians want to spy on Mike Hancock ? Simon (and no doubt the Daily Mail)suggests so she could draft PQs. What made them think that would be useful ?