Saturday, October 08, 2011

Nephew claims "explosive new evidence" in Hilda Murrell murder

The Shropshire Star - and that's good enough for me - reports:
The nephew of Hilda Murrell, the Shrewsbury rose grower whose murder in 1984 sparked a host of conspiracy theories and claims of an Establishment cover-up, has called for a reopening of the case because of ‘explosive new evidence’.
Rob Green says that the new information proves that at least one other man was involved in the crime and this information would probably lead to the acquittal of Andrew George. 
George is serving a life sentence after being convicted of Miss Murrell’s abduction and murder following a five-week trial in 2005.
The paper goes on to say that Green has written a book ("A Thorn in Their Side"). He told the Star:
"My primary and immediate motive is to expose explosive new evidence which proves at least one other man was involved in Hilda’s murder. This would probably acquit Andrew George. 
"I believe this book prov-ides enough evidence, known to both prosecution and defence but not put to the jury or Appeal Court judges in 2006, to reopen the coroner’s inquest into Hilda’s death."
The book does not appear to be on sale anywhere, but there is an interview with Green on the TVNZ site - he lives in New Zealand:
Green believes he has become a target because of the book. 
"We've had break-ins to this house, doors left open, drawers have been gone through," he told ONE News. 
He believes his house is bugged and has hid documents all over the house. 
"We've had to produce this book under extreme secrecy."
Copies of the book have been sent to UK politicians, lawyers and media.
David Aaronovitch is 57.

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