Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rupert Matthews and the International Metaphysical University

We have seen that Rupert Matthews, the new Conservative MEP for the East Midlands, teaches a course for the International Metaphysical University. But what do we know about this institution?

A look at the Tuition and Fees page on its website tells you a lot:
Although we are on a track towards accreditation, we are unable to offer government-sponsored loans and tuition assistance until that track is completed. As a result, we have deliberately set our pricing lower than mainstream schools, making it possible for many to finance their education independently. In so doing, we hope to reach every student interested in studying with us. The good news is that when you graduate, you won’t be saddled with debt! 
All 3-credit courses at the International Metaphysical University are priced at $425 per course. 
Assuming a student is to complete 12 courses to achieve a Master’s degree, total cost of tuition is $5,100. This does not include the cost of books and supplies as required for individual courses.
So it's cheaper than an, er, conventional university, though it is not clear what a fair price for an unaccredited degree would be. As Anita Brown observed in the Dayton Paranormal Examiner a couple of years ago: "all credits received at IMU stay at IMU, and are non-transferable."

More enlightenment may be gleaned from this audio interview with Rupert Matthews on the university's website.

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