Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The mystery of who owns the offices of Welsh AMs

From BBC News:
The Welsh assembly will pay £2.3m in rent to a mystery landlord for the building housing the offices of its 60 members, BBC Wales can reveal. 
The assembly's rent for the Ty Hywel building in Cardiff Bay will rise nearly 30% next year from £1.7m. 
It is paid to Crick Properties Ltd, registered in Douglas, Isle of Man, but assembly authorities cannot say who the ultimate owner of the building is.
Later. As the Slugger O'Toole post mentioned in the comments shows, there is not much of a mystery at all.


dreamingspire said...

I remember being at a meeting in a Cardiff City Council building when an officer looking out of the window pointed at a WAG building and told me what he would like done with it.

drymyl said...

Slugger has it.