Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Six of the Best 196

Lewes Lib Dem councillor Ian Eiloart writes about his experience of having a stroke.

Peter Black pronounced irony dead after the Daily Telegraph complains that Herman Van Rompuy wants to set up a United States of Europe "with Britain left on the sidelines".

"Do you feel the need to identify with or be loyal to some geographical entity?" asks Jock Coats. "I choose Oxford though as it's of a size where when you wander into town you are almost bound to see someone you know and can talk to.  Not too big, not too small.  Not in the sense that I feel any loyalty toward it as a unit of government (I don't believe in that, of course!).  But if there were some good or service that needed providing through some voluntary collaborative effort, it is the size of agglomeration that I would feel able to trust someone else with running: I'd think they shared, roughly my own experiences of the place, and the relevant need being met; and I'd feel close enough to be able to hold them to account when necessary."

Love and Garbage was disgusted by British media coverage of the death of Colonel Gaddafi: "I did not expect to have to switch off the television when the BBC early evening news showed an image of the bloodied corpse. I did not expect that when I took the children in to buy comics the following morning that every newspaper would have an image of the bloodied corpse on the front page. I thought our newspapers were better than that. I thought we were better than that."

"An inside source in Chelsea’s 5th floor has let slip what a number of canny CPO watchers have felt for some time.  Namely, the Club intends to move to a ready-built stadium in 2020.  That stadium is Twickenham." CFCnet on the club's plans to leave Stamford Bridge.

Viv Turner, says the Dudley News, has written a book about her friendship with the children's writer (and Liberal England hero) Malcolm Saville.

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Anonymous said...

Viv Turner's book is available from Girls Gone By. I've just reviewed it for a magazine.