Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bishop's Castle: Liberalism's new stronghold

Peter Phillips, the doyen of Shropshire Liberalism, writes on his blog:
Party President Tim Farron ... issued a stiff challenge to party members in March. He challenged everyone to sign up 50 members by the end of the year. 
It proved such a stiff Challenge that only one member has met it! 
I have (to date) recruited 104 ‘subscribers’ – 65 members and 39 donors – virtually all of them are within the branch are of Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire, which now has 92 members !!
He goes on to praise the efforts of fellow Shropshire Lib Dems, including his successor as county councillor for Bishop's Castle, Charlotte Barnes, whom I met on holiday this summer.

The Bishop's Castle ward falls in the Ludlow constituency, which Matthew Green held for the Liberal Democrats between 2001 and 2005. Some of Peter's comments on recruiting in the area lend support to the idea that we are doing well in traditional Lib Dem/Tory marginals:
There is support,too , for our Coalition. Policies like the pension triple lock, the pupil premium and support for apprenticeships are applauded, and the raising of the tax threshold is really important in a low income area like Shropshire. 
My key message? The main impediment is Yourself! Just resolve to DO IT ! Once you have knocked on the first few doors,you will be full of confidence—and success!’
Anyway, Peter has been presented with an award by Nick Clegg for being the Lib Dems' top recruiter in the country.

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