Saturday, December 15, 2012

Six of the Best 305

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"I was particularly glad to read from you your comment that: 'it is no use standing up for civil liberties in opposition if you then forget all about them in power'. However I was disappointed in the omission from your email of any mention of the Justice and Security Bill which introduces secret courts into almost all civil proceedings." Jo Shaw, on behalf of Liberal Democrats Against Secret Courts, replies to Nick Clegg's latest weekly email.

Charities should embrace the social enterprise model as part of their work and not become too dependent on public funds, Lord Wallace of Saltaire told the Lords the other day. Read more at Third Sector.

Paul Bernal's Blog is pleased that Lord McAlpine is suing Sally Bercow, if only because it will clarify how far libel law can be applied to the net: "One of the difficulties at the moment is that we really don’t know exactly where we stand. A high profile High Court battle could help us find out."

The Widow's World has been to see The Hobbit.

Manchester's historic libraries are celebrated by Bricks.

Cecil Court, off the Charing Cross Road in London, is best known today as a centre of the antiquarian book trade. But it was once the home of the nascent British film industry, reports London Filmland.

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