Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nick Clegg to distance the Lib Dems from "fantasy world" Tories

Tomorrow's Observer claims privileged knowledge of Liberal Democrat tactics in the run up to the next election. Toby Helm writes:
Nick Clegg will launch the pre-election process of distancing his party from the Conservatives on Monday, depicting one of the Liberal Democrats' key roles in the coalition as preventing the Tory right from pursuing a "fantasy world" outside the European Union ...
Clegg will say: "The Tory right dreams of a fantasy world where we can walk away from the EU but magically keep our economy strong; where we can pretend that the world hasn't moved on and stand opposed to gay marriage; where we can refuse to accept the verdict of the British people and pretend the Conservatives won a majority of their own."


Anonymous said...

I'm not generally a fan of conspiracy theories, but sometimes I can almost believe Nick Clegg is on a mission to destroy the Liberal Democrats.

Anonymous said...

After Alarm Clock Britain.The support of the most Vile Tory Policies,such as Welfare Reform,NHS,Student fees and Generally lying to the electorate.I doubt if many will listen to Nick Clegg.

A lot of ordinary,decent LibDems will suffer through what he has done.You only have to read the comments in the online Guardian to understand this.