Sunday, December 16, 2012

Silvester Horne's grave, Church Stretton

So I went to Shropshire.

This is the grave of Silvester Horne, Liberal MP and father of the comedian Kenneth Horne.

I wrote about Silvester Horne back in 2006:
A contemporary observer wrote: 
In Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Leicester he conquered vast audiences by the magic of his oratory. He understands better than any speaker of his years, with the possible exception of Mr Lloyd George, how to quicken slow blood, kindle light in dull eyes, and bring the flood-tide of enthusiasm sweeping into all creeks and inlets of the spirit. His youthful appearance, grace and winsomeness of gesture, attractive delivery, and clear, well-modulated voice delight every company that hears him. 
When in adult life, reports Barry Johnston, Kenneth Horne described Winston Churchill to a friend as a great orator, that friend replied: "Yes, but then you never heard your father speak, did you?"
And here is his grave. It is to be found, not in the churchyard, but in the town cemetery, close to the Institute named after him.

Silvester Horne lived at the White House on Sandford Avenue in Church Stretton. When I first wrote about him it looked from the net as though it was still standing and in use as a care home. But as the comments on that post made clear, it had recently been demolished.

This summer I climbed the hill to look for it and found this housing development.

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