Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Ritz, London, threatens to sue The Ritz, Desborough

From BBC News:
A venue called The Ritz in Northamptonshire has been told to change its name or face legal action by the owners of the famous London hotel. 
The wedding and conference venue in Desborough has used the name since the 1930s, but it has now been given until the new year to alter it. 
The Ritz hotel has asked for a name-change agreement to be signed. 
Desborough Ritz owner Kris Malde said he thought their email was "a joke". The Ritz in London declined to comment.
The Desborough Ritz may have traded from the 1930s, but the London Ritz was opened in 1906  by Cesar Ritz ("the cracker magnate", as Lord Bonkers describes him).


Dan Falchikov said...

One assumes that the Desborough Ritz has paid its tax though...

Tricia Flora said...

Well they better send some more pathetic emails as I'm sure there is more than one Ritz. Maybe they;ll be suing ritz crackers next or maybe they are just crackers!!

Karen Boach said...

The Ritz at Desborough has recently been refurbished and is available to hire for private functions.
The new owner has done well to generate free publicity from the BBC.

Anonymous said...

why dont the Ritz in London go and get a`s alway`s been The Ritz, why all of a sudden have the One in Desborough got to Change it`s Name...blooming low life`s :v