Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Liberal England in 2012: Part 1


I remembered the day that the IRA bombed Leicester railway station in 1939. And the Black Beast of Harborough was sighted near Foxton.

I attended Nottingham Liberal Democrats' winter mini-conference and discovered the former headquarters of the Women's Social & Political Union in Leicester.


I had an article published by the Guardian website on why chess deserves a place in schools, a letter published by the same newspaper about my participation in the 1977 British Monopoly Championships  and was rather proud of this photograph of my road in the frost:

I posted a video of Alastair Cook as a chorister at St Paul's and mused on Beveridge, Keynes and eugenics.


I caught Merton College, Oxford, trying to deprive Tur Langton of its village hall and suggested that something has gone wrong with the Pupil Premium.

Maverick footballers of the 1970s were well represented in the 1973 Goal of the Season contest.

One of my hardy perennial stories of 2012 was the fall of the leader of Leicestershire County Council, David Parsons. This post showed the Lib Dems had been on his case since 2009.

We were told that  the security precautions around the 2011 Lib Dem Conference were used to send a "strong message" and I reviewed a booklet on the art collection of the National Liberal Club for Liberal Democrat News.

Does anyone remember Liberal Democrat News?

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Tom Barney said...

As to your last question, I just renewed my party membership and was told by some Great George Street robot that I could also subscribe to Liberal Democrat News.