Saturday, December 29, 2012

Liberal England in 2012: Part 3

Part 1 and part 2 have already been posted.


Sir David Steel, I like to think I established without fear of contradiction, went arse about face on Lords reform.

I explored the suffragette movement in Leicester and Market Harborough in a series of posts, discovering they had even tried to burn down Bonkers Hall.

This was my holiday month and saw me hunting for the York Community Bookshop, entering the old mines at Snailbeach and taking afternoon tea at Witchend - Malcolm Saville fans will know what I mean.


I watched a heron on the River Welland at Market Harborough.

Another trip away saw me visit Tynemouth and its superb Watch House, but I missed a scoop by seconds at Market Harborough station.


I attended the first open day at the Richard III dig in Leicester and was moved by the Into the Mouth of Hell exhibition at Wallsend - even if I seem to have upset the granddaughter of one of the artists/

Then came the stunning news that the skeleton of Richard III may well have been found under a Leicester car park - that belonging to the city's child protection team, as it happens.

And I hosted a guest post on the case against the badger cull.

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