Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Six of the Best 306

Cicero's Songs asks if the Tories can last another decade.

"In a policy debate that follows this narrative, the figures at the political pinnacle are being asked to admit defeat in a war, failure of their policies and to announce tolerance of the existence of what is widely regarded as a social evil. Even on a good day it is hard to imagine political leaders doing one of these things, never mind all three." Ewan's Liberal Musings on the difficulty - and necessity - of ending the 20th-century's war on drugs.

MentalHealthCop has a terrific post on the reaction to the Sandy Hook shootings. This is a blog you should follow if you have any interest in mental health - or policing.

Kevin Marsh, in the British Journalism Review, explains why George Entwistle had to go.

The BBC's "Christmas Night with the Stars" and its ITV rival, "The All Star Comedy Carnival" are remembered by Boggenstrovia's Bits.

Greenbenchramblings takes us on a frosty walk around his garden.

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