Saturday, December 08, 2012

Six of the Best 303

Most of us have done our best to forget 'alarm clock Britain', but What You Can Get Away With remembers it  - and also "the most vapid, soulless and content-free article ever published on Liberal Democrat Voice".

How funny are prank calls? Not at all funny, says Libdem Child.

Andrew Hickey resists the canonisation of John Lennon: "Lennon was, in many ways, a fairly horrible human being. He regularly mocked the disabled on stage, made some arguably racist comments, was a terrible father to his first child, and was a violent thug who beat at least his first wife regularly."

History Today has recently put its very first issue from 1951 online. This article from it  tells the strange tale of Johann Frederick Struensee, Denmark's 18th century German dictator.

"This is the direction that the music poured forth - a burning point of eternity embraced by the timeless countryside - or as recited by Francine Heiman, the six year old who was featured on Hole In My Shoe: 'A place where happiness reigned, and music played ever so loudly'." In an old article on the Winwood Fans site, Dan Ropek goes in search of the cottage where Traffic got in together in the country.

The cats of Spitalfields are celebrated by Spitalfields Life.

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