Sunday, December 09, 2012

Vince Cable interviewed in the Observer

The Liberal Democrat Business Secretary shows why he one of the most popular politicians in the country in this interview from today's Observer:
Unlike most politicians, he has few airs and graces and rarely resorts to defensive obfuscation. He sees an interview as an exercise in which a journalist puts questions and he answers them. 
So when asked if Britain's economy might endure a Japanese-style "lost decade", he admits it might well. "There is a real worry about [that], a real risk of that," he says. At every turn he is disarmingly frank. Most ministers would run for safety if asked whether the economy could be heading for a "triple dip" recession but Cable takes the question head on. "Well, there is certainly a risk," he says without the slightest hesitation. "I always try not to get drawn into forecasting arguments [but] there clearly is a risk. The most likely outcome is that we continue bumping along the bottom." ... 
After an hour, Cable remembers that he has failed to read out a glowing script he had prepared. A piece of paper lies ignored on the floor. "I haven't given you my speech yet on all the wonderful things I've done," he says, before donning a cycle helmet and heading off to a constituency surgery in the freezing cold.

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