Sunday, December 30, 2012

Liberal England in 2012: Part 4

Part 1part 2 and part 3 have already been posted.


I suggested it was time to freshen up the Lib Dem Blog of the Year Awards and asked what BBC managers' ignorance of Jimmy Savile's activities told us about the limitations of management ideology.

Also in October, I remembered meeting the poet W.T. Nettlefold and discovered fowl perversion on the streets of Leicester.


I attended a meeting on rewilding the River Welland through Market Harborough and Lord Bonkers brought us Nick Clegg's thoughts on "Beardies, weirdies, beardy-weirdies and weirdy-beardies".

November also saw me bringing news of floods by Market Harborough station and recalling a visit to Studeley Royal Water Gardens.


I heard Sam Carter play at the Harborough Theatre, discussed hobbit socialism and discovered the Scotsman who may one day lead Germany.

And, though I did not visit it in December, let us end with my photo of the year: the grave of Richard III. The little yellow disc in the centre of the picture shows where his head lay.

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