Thursday, December 27, 2012

Liberal England in 2012: Part 2

Part 1 was posted yesterday.


I remembered the days when Alistair Darling was so left wing that the Scottish Labour establishment sent George Galloway to reason with him.

Privacy International criticised a Lib Dem briefing on government surveillance that, I suggested, read as thought it had been produced by a child who had been allowed too much Sunny D. Fortunately, that briefing no longer represents the leader's position on the subject.

I reviewed Lost Victorian Britain by Gavin Stamp and made a radical case for children standing up when a teacher enters the room.


I suggested that one of the Coalition parties is not up to government - and I didn't mean the Lib Dems.

I discovered the story that Clarendon Park in Leicester might have been the site of a new cathedral in the 1930s and there was talk of Chelsea moving to a new stadium at Battersea Power Station and


I traced the decline of Western civilisation through its railway advertising and repeated a ridiculous legend that Richard III lies buried under the streets of Leicester.

Martha Payne became a Liberal heroine and I enjoyed an old television documentary on Ronnie Lane.

And I went on a pilgrimage to Long Buckby.

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